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Cloud Security
Penetration Testing
Network Security

creative Cyber Security strategy for ultimate brand protection.

Sword Is A Creative Cyber Security Firm, With focus on Securing data, Critical Web, Mobile, And API Applications Of many Global Customers. Our unique approach to a comprehensive layered security brings best in class security solutions to your firm, giving you the time to focus on what’s more important to you, Your Business.

Penetration Testing

Whether you need to make sure your application and network are solid enough to stand attacks, you want to have peace of mind that your customers’ data are secure, or you want to provide evidence of 3rd party penetration testing for compliance reasons, allow our penetration testing team to perform the hard job of all types of penetration testing. This include the following:

  1. Web and API automated and Manual Penetration testing
  2. Mobile Penetration Testing
  3. Network Penetration Testing
  4. Internal network Penetration Testing in the cloud
Virtual Chief Information security Officer (CISO)

With increased security challenges that face today’s organizations, along with ever-changing regulations, it’s becoming critical for every organization to be supported with a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) who is surrounded by a team of wide knowledge in regulations and security threats. We at Sword INC. believe that this knowledge is best provided with a team of professionals who provide services needed on demand, to provide best value to organizations without the large spending that goes with hiring. That has been the driver for our virtual CISO Program. 

  1. We will help writing all policies needed
  2. Training programs for your employees
  3. Security Reviews
  4. On call support for any situation arise
  5. Security testing
  6. Compliance support
Cloud Security

With the rise of cloud computing, and digital transformation, the choice of using cloud services has become more attractive to many more companies. However, many companies are not prepared with all skills needed for real DevSecOps support for the cloud infrastructure. We at Sword INC. can help you in getting peace of mind with our cloud security services.

  1. Security Review of Infrastructure in AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, and others
  2. Security hardening and firewalls
  3. Network Policies and Security Groups Management and Review
  4. Monitoring Software Reviews
  5. Overall Security hardening of the virtual cloud
Local IT Services
  1. Setting up Local Networks
  2. Providing Local support for your environment, website, and cloud applications
  3. Managing software and hardware
  4. Securing your business through hardening of routers, firewalls, AntiVirus Software, device management, and much more
  5. Backup software and remote managemen
Your Path to Compliance

Sword INC Team is highly experienced in preparing organizations to be ready to contract for audits and compliance activities. We are able to help you prepare your operations, infrastructure, development, HR, and Management to meet all requirements for compliance. This includes processes, structure, DevOps, Engineering, HR, and more. We make sure Data security, Privacy, encryption, monitoring, existing processes, and policies are all ready for whatever compliance program you wish to go through.

  1. Security and Organizational Policies
  2. Preparation to SOCII Type 1 and Type 2, PCI, GDPR, and HIPAA Compliance
  3. Consulting Services on Software Development Lifecycle
  4. DevOps Preparation supervision
Forensics Service

Need to investigate some usage of your organization devices? Have a situation where deleted data is required for an evidence? Some critical data was deleted by mistake and you cannot recover them? Let Sword INC.’s highly skilled team help you.

  1. Recover Deleted Data from PCs
  2. Recover Mobile Phones Deleted Data
Stress and Load Testing

Facing growth and don’t know what load you can support? Let our experienced team design the proper load testing to know what your software applications and infrastructure can support. We will also provide feedback on what and how you can improve, and can train your team to do load testing as well.