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Fortify your business growth and eliminate any threat with Sword SW across all touchpoints with pre-eminent client-centric, results-driven Cyber Security services. 

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Our Services

Accelerate your cyber outcomes through our multi-technology, full lifecycle cybersecurity services in a fast-paced agile environment. 

Cyber Security Services

Eliminate all your vulnerabilities in a quick way, allowing your business to generate more ROI. 

Digital Marketing

Step into a safe and diversified world of Digital Marketing where results only matter. 

Software Solutions

Enter the realm where excellence meets innovation with a large talented team. 

Sword SW Story 

Setting the Standard

Today’s proliferating and diversified cyber-attacks calls for a dynamic and resilient cyber security company that fills the global talent gap. This why Sword SW emerged as a holistic top cyber security company, delivering security excellence tailored to your business. 

We offer premium managed security services and professional services for enterprises of all sizes. We’re an extension to your team, committed to protect your:


Cyber Security Services 

Tailored for Every Industry  

Our Cyber Security Services covers beyond the clouds to serve the specifications of each enterprise in an industry-specific approach to each business. 

All Sectors

We fortify your digital products with fast mobile-first, cloud-first technologies, standing against breaches.


We secure customer experiences for banks, insurers and exchanges all in a smooth user-friendly technology.


We fortify your digital products with fast mobile-first, cloud-first technologies, standing against breaches.


We allow your business growth smoothly by defending your business against competitors and vicious malware.

Healthcare & Pharma

We work diligently to secure patients, medical staff, research and pharmaceuticals data highly sealed.

Tourism & Hospitality

We ensure exemplary customer experiences for hotels, restaurants and more in a smooth, secure and tightly managed platforms.


We secure and eliminate all vulnerabilities within the energy field to establish sustainable development.

How Sword SW is Different?

It takes a person to defeat a person. That’s why Sword SW dedicated team will always exceed any software with our strategies tailored to your evolving business needs, leveraging Security Done Right and implementing Zero Trust. 

Enterprise-Wide Security 100%
Business-Specific Solutions 100%
IT Maturity 100%